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Why We Do What We Do

​​Is your child struggling with in school? We can help. We are familiar with the struggles and challenges faced by students today and are well equipped to handle all of their tutoring needs. We have qualified, certified, professional teachers who love to teach and will tutor your child with kindness, understanding, and compassion.

Our Goal is to provide each child with the skills he/she needs to succeed. Unfortunately many of kids are graduating middle school without mastering the basic skills they need in Mathematics or Reading. As students move on to more demanding classes in high school, if they had not received a thorough grounding in these subjects, it becomes difficult for them to develop a deep understand that would lead to higher achievement later in their school careers. Our Jobs as tutors (at Learning Tank Tutoring Services In-home Tutoring and Learning Tank Tutoring Services Online Tutoring) is to provide or supplement your child with the skills he/she is missing or deficient in. We accomplish this task by providing your child with personalized attention that will build their confidence in the classroom and throughout their entire lives. Even though we believe that students should master basic skills we do not advocate that they stop there. Basic skills are the floors, not the ceilings. Students must learn arithmetic for instance, so that they can progress to more challenging mathematics such as algebra, geometry, calculus etc.. We believe that an emphasis on the basics should never be used as an excuse to limit students or to slow their progress in the curriculum. Our goal at Learning Tank is to fill in the gaps where it is needed. As we work with your child, we assess their weaknesses and work to meet their specific academic needs. Whether it is a student who is in need of basic skills, honor or AP we can create a curriculum to fit their specific needs. That is what we mean by:" Tutoring Tailored To Your Needs "​​

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