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We work with regular and special ed. students grades K-8,  and when necessary,
 we work with teachers and other members of a student’s academic support team 
We work to:

Solidify fundamentals

  • Help each student build up his or her mathematical skills and understanding of mathematical concepts

  • Help each to master any skills he or she has difficulty grasping in class

  • Design math lessons around each child's individual needs and the concepts are taught based on a student's own pace and level.

  •  Design lessons that do not only serve to jumpstart students but to propel them beyond their current level. 

Provide organizational skills

  • Assist with homework

  • Provide test-taking strategies

  • Provide study skill strategies to improve your child's work and study habits

Provide emotional support for parent  and child
  • Help your child improve his or her confidence and attitude towards math
  • Help your child become an independent learner
  • Support a cooperative approach with teachers and child development teams

What People Are Saying

Marie B

Learning Tank and in particular, Ms. Stratman has been heaven sent. My daughter was having so many difficulties at math but now is actually learning and enjoying numbers. Learning Tank is your go-to tutoring site if your child is having any problems. They will walk through with them patiently until they are confident about learning.


My daughter is developing confidence enough that she is willing to spread what you are teaching her in math with other students.

You are an awesome teacher 


My Two boys are excelling in Math. They have scored above the state average in Math because of you

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