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Math Tutors

math tutor

Our math tutors work with students on many fronts (such as number sense, geometry, fractions, patterns, statistic and probability, shapes, money and much more) to help them build up their mathematical skills and understanding of Mathematical concepts. Here at Learning Tank, we focus on our students' mastering concepts rather than memorizing or drilling.  Our goal is for students to develop a deep understanding of mathematical skills and as a result they will perform well in school and on standardized tests because their understanding is at a deeper level. We design our math lessons around each students' individual needs, and the concepts are taught based on students' own pace and level. We show students several ways to approach and solve problems and emphasize the process rather than the solution. Our approach develops a solid foundation in math for students and promotes critical thinking, a skill that is useful beyond the classroom.  


  • Elementary Math k-8     

  • Pre Algebra

  • General Math

  • Geometry*

  • Algebra I & II *

  • Pre-Calculus *

  • Calculus*

  • Trigonometry*



  • Organizational Skills

  • Homework Assistance

  • Test-taking Strategies​

 **Math Tutoring for High School level math is offered only Online

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