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 My name is Luis Hernandez. I am 22 years old. I am working on an Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering Degree. I speak Spanish fluently, and working on learning Japanese. I moved to the states with my family about 11 years ago from my home country, Dominican Republic. I enjoy animated movies (especially PIXAR/Dreamworks flicks), fixing my car, and making people laugh. I have been tutoring for quite a while now. Like most tutors I started by helping my friends with their homework. However, I started to grow as a tutor after working for NJSEEDS. The program helps children of lowincome families excel in their academics through Saturday programs, summer camps, and counseling. Iwas fortunate enough to participate in one of the summer camps. During that time I was challenged tonot only teach the students, but to also understand how each one of them thought and learned. Thisallowed me to teach them at a much deeper level where trust between tutor and student paved the wayto amazing academic results. From there I started tutoring fellow students in my school. I tutoredstudents who were 50 years old and were beginning their career path, to young freshmen who havenever developed a study plan. I also volunteered my time until not long ago in my church to help thechildren whose parents could not afford a tutor. I am confident in my skills not only as a tutor, but alsoin creating strong lasting relationships with my students. I hope to see you soon.Sincerely,Luis Hernandez1 of 1nd edit me. It's easy.

  • Education:

Currently working on Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering  Degree 

  • Tutor Exp:

About 4 years

  • Subjects: 

Elementary Math



Calculus I


Physics I

  • Teaching Method:

In person


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