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 Learning Tank's Mission & Philosophy 

  • Learning Tank is a Christian based tutoring service dedicated to helping students realize their God-given potential academically or otherwise.  It is our belief that children are gifts from God (Psalm 127:3) and it is all of our responsibilities to help prepare them so that they may discover and be ready to walk in their God-given purpose. This belief has influenced our mission for Learning Tank greatly.


  • Our mission is to equip children with the skills necessary to ensure that they attain their God-given potential and to develop a proper personal understanding of themselves as a unique individual created in the image of God.


  •   Our services are therefore designed with our mission in mind. We strive to teach students the love for learning and develop within them the benefits of achieving excellence through learning. We also provide our students with the skills they need to ensure their ability to reason and make logical, intelligent decisions now and in the future.



  • Develop a deep understanding of mathematical skills and as a result, they will perform well in school and on standardized tests because their understanding is at a deeper level.


  • Show students several ways to approach and solve problems and emphasize the process rather than the solution.


  • Build a solid foundation in math for students and promotes critical thinking, a skill that is useful beyond the classroom.  

 Director of Learning Tank

 Monia Stratman is a New Jersey state certified teacher with over 15 years of experience.  She began her teaching career at YCS Ernest May Academy where she serviced students with ADD/ADHD, Asperger, Intellectual/Cognitive Disabilities, and other Disorders. Following YCS she taught in a private school for a period of two years, during which time she decided to pursue a teaching degree. After receiving her master’s degree in education at MSU, she worked full-time for the Newark Public School System for ten years.  In 2012, she left NPS and started Learning Tank Tutoring Services.

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